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Business owners, are you facing the following challenges?
At the same time, you are handling the extra amount of pressure from the pandemic.
2-in-1 workshop
+ system
The perfect solution to the abovementioned problems
Enhance your team’s productivity by more than 3 times!
Unlock your team’s full potential with a clear vision!
A system that is easy to learn and to apply instantly!
Not your ordinary training course:
• Engaging and interactive gamification methods
• Detailed analysis of practical KPI case studies and key takeaway breakdowns
• Efficient in guiding team leaders and staff in executing their individual KPIs
• 6000 KPI models from large and small companies available
• A 1-year Personalised 1-on-1 KPI consultation
Let us show you how to activate your KPI with your team in just 2 days – a system similar to what “Asian Sugar King” has in his empire.

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This course is suitable for
Public-listed Company Owners
Soon to be Public-listed Company Owners
MNC Company Human Resources Directors
SME Owners
SME Human Resources Directors

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